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Journeying (and Journaling) Through Matthew

For 28 days, starting on Sept. 7, I'll be journalling one chapter of Matthew each day. I'd like people to join me in reading and reflecting on the Scriptures. My hope is to read Matthew with new eyes, looking for the strange among the familiar, the refreshing among the stale.

It would be great if you took some time to read Matthew in September. I should also note that this is a fundraiser for Journey Canada, so if you'd be willing to donate to support this journey, you can do so at the Journey for Hope page.

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"Take it away"

"Take it away." This is a prayer that I've been praying about a spare tire I have had around my middle for most of my adult life. It had never really occurred to me to pray about this before, but I realized that really, what God wants from me is that I become the person that He created me to be, and He didn't create me to be fat. God is the God of health, of new creation and of beauty. He is not the God of tubby. As I have grown in my understanding of who it is that God wants

An Intense Week

There are a bunch of red ribbons hanging from my desk. Last week, I had an opportunity to spend a week at the Journey Canada Intensive – a week-long retreat we host every year near Calgary. It’s a chance for church leaders and others to participate in the Journey program in a short and intense way (thus the name). It was attended by about 44 participants this year. During the week I co-led a small group of guys and did some teaching with the larger group. The Intensive week w

Jesus and the Sufi Saint

Not very long ago, I found myself at the Tomb of Salim Chisti near Agra, India (I know, I know, but stick with me). Salim was a Sufi saint and the site is considered sacred by some Muslims and Hindus. It turns out that Salim, like many religious figures, is into granting wishes. All around the tomb are men selling bits of thread and they assure you that the proceeds of the sales go to charity. People who buy the threads them tie them to the marble screens around the tomb and

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