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Journeying (and Journaling) Through Matthew

For 28 days, starting on Sept. 7, I'll be journalling one chapter of Matthew each day. I'd like people to join me in reading and reflecting on the Scriptures. My hope is to read Matthew with new eyes, looking for the strange among the familiar, the refreshing among the stale.

It would be great if you took some time to read Matthew in September. I should also note that this is a fundraiser for Journey Canada, so if you'd be willing to donate to support this journey, you can do so at the Journey for Hope page.

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A New Script

Since we've been thinking about the possibility of joining Journey Canada on a full time basis, one thing my wife and I have started to realize is the enormity of what we're proposing. People generally don't upend their lives and careers in their middle years with three teen or preteen kids. These are the prime earning years, our plates are full enough, we should stick with what we know. We should probably just fall into bed each night grateful to have survived another day (w

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