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Journeying (and Journaling) Through Matthew

For 28 days, starting on Sept. 7, I'll be journalling one chapter of Matthew each day. I'd like people to join me in reading and reflecting on the Scriptures. My hope is to read Matthew with new eyes, looking for the strange among the familiar, the refreshing among the stale.

It would be great if you took some time to read Matthew in September. I should also note that this is a fundraiser for Journey Canada, so if you'd be willing to donate to support this journey, you can do so at the Journey for Hope page.

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Chapter 6 - Anxiety

Over many years of being a Christian I've heard a ton of sermons and Bible studies tell me that we should not worry. I'm getting up there...

Chap. 4 - A Great Light

The thing that strikes me as I read this chapter is "The people sitting in darkness has seen a great light" I feel like there is so much...

A Bit of a Slow Start

It feels like starting his gospel off with a family tree is a slow start for Matthew. I wrote for a living for many years, and we always...

Ravi and History

A portion of my work is to provide safe places of conversation and prayer for people who have been both the victims and perpetrators of...

Categories and cruelty

I’m sort of aware that I’m not saying anything new or particularly interesting when I say that people have an almost infinite capacity to...

On speaking well

So I've been in the media a bit lately. There's been some confusion about what it is that Journey actually does, and the result is that...

"Take it away"

"Take it away." This is a prayer that I've been praying about a spare tire I have had around my middle for most of my adult life. It had...

An Intense Week

There are a bunch of red ribbons hanging from my desk. Last week, I had an opportunity to spend a week at the Journey Canada Intensive –...

On licking people

Andy Dick is having a hard time with sexual boundaries. According to a recent article, he'd been licking people and was confused about...

A New Script

Since we've been thinking about the possibility of joining Journey Canada on a full time basis, one thing my wife and I have started to...

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