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Chap. 28 - The Great End

When it comes to chapter 28--I know that conflict is the soul of story, and that happy things are good but hard to write about since there is no action. Since conflict drives story, I often wonder if when we get our resurrection bodies our taste in stories will change, and we will no longer want those types of tales. In any case, even in light of this, it seems like Matthew gives the resurrection pretty short treatment. The last chapter was long and rather arduous but now that he gets to the happy stuff, suddenly he's economizing on ink. I wonder if this is because he sees the story as just beginning--now we are all going to be in Christ, and His presence with us starts here in a new way. He doesn't need to say a lot about what it is like to live in the resurrection period, because we're all in it right now.

The other thing that strikes me is the one of the main tools the leaders use to undermine what the kingdom of God. They can use political influence to great effect, and they can lie and use dramatics to get their way, but when they want to get things done, and particularly want to corrupt individuals outside the power structure, they turn to money. In this case, money buys a story from the Roman soldiers, who might tell the truth. I believe we live in the time of a church that is absolutely in the thrall of money and economics. I know it has a pull on my heart, and I see here that it is a seriously dangerous thing.


Well, here we are at the end of our little journey (journal) through Matthew. I suppose the biggest thing I would say at the end is that I am very glad I did this. I am glad I chose a new version to read, I am glad I decided to jot down thoughts every day, and I am glad that I invited you to participate. We have been small (four or five of us involved) but I think this is the way scripture is meant to be read--in community, with accountability and different perspectives. I doubt I would have been faithful in writing every day if I had not known that there were people out there who would notice. All of which to say, let's do it again soon.

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1 Comment

Yes, it is interesting how chapter 28 is so short as compared to the two previous chapters. I did not notice this before! The resurrection! The first to know about this amazing event were the women who told Jesus' students. The guards told the high priests what had happened. They and the elders came up with a scheme and 'hush money' for the guards, and this scheme continues to this day. Lastly is Jesus' great commission to His students and His promise to be with us until the end of time.

Thank you Graeme for taking on this journaling challenge. I have enjoyed reading a different version of Matthew as translated by Sarah Ruden.

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