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Journeying (and Journaling) Through Matthew

For 28 days, starting on Sept. 7, I'll be journalling one chapter of Matthew each day. I'd like people to join me in reading and reflecting on the Scriptures. My hope is to read Matthew with new eyes, looking for the strange among the familiar, the refreshing among the stale.

It would be great if you took some time to read Matthew in September. I should also note that this is a fundraiser for Journey Canada, so if you'd be willing to donate to support this journey, you can do so at the Journey for Hope page.

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Chap. 26

The chapter today is long and there is a lot going on. It is also very famous, and reading through it feel like passing over familiar...

Chap. 25 - Be Ready

As with yesterday's passage, today's chapter has some anxiety inducing parables. Again, I can hear preachers and Bible study leaders from...

Chap. 22 - The Feast

The chapter this morning is full of puzzling passages--what does it mean that, "God is the god of the living, not the dead"? In fact this...

Chap. 20 - Humility

An incident I was involved with yesterday and an article I read have me thinking about the concept of humiliation and the relationship to...

Chap. 18 - Trappers

As I approach the text this morning, the thing that puzzles me is right up front. Jesus famously takes a child and says, "...whoever...

Chap. 13 - Soft Hearted

I am finding myself a bit discouraged this morning about the state of my own heart. I was in a conversation with a friend earlier this...

Chap. 12 - Sabbaton

As in any household, there is a difference of opinion among me and the four other people who live with me as to what good music is. I...

Chap. 11 - Is It easy?

I've said I'm trying to read Matthew with new eyes, and I feel like that's happening for me to some extent. It certainly happened for me...

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